How to Attract More Social Media Followers for B2C Businesses: Part 1

how to increase facebook followers

Attract More Social Media Followers on Facebook

With the New Year just beginning, make it a goal to gain more social media followers. As a B2C business, more relaxed social media platforms are most appropriate for your social media marketing strategy, so we’re going to focus on Facebook for this particular post. With that said, here are some surefire ways to increase your social media followers on Facebook:

  • Mention your Facebook page in your blog posts and link to it. You can mention the page in general or a specific post. This will give you a chance to showcase your business in a social light, which is always nice for the consumer to see.
  • Link to your Facebook page in your email blasts. You can even add a list of your most recent posts!
  • Implement a Like Box on your website where people can see who has liked your page and if any of their friends have too. People are more likely to like your page if their friends do. Learn how to integrate your Like Box here.
  • Create engaging profile and banner photos that are branded. Ask yourself if you would be attracted and engaged with the photos as a consumer off the bat. Also ask yourself if viewers can tell what your business does right away from these photos.
  • Post more photos and direct statuses and less links. Statuses get the most views, followed by photos and lastly links. Of course you should provide links to increase Web traffic, but make sure to vary your post types this year.
  • Post engaging content. This content can be from your blog, Instagram, or another Web page you’re a guest blogger on or featured on. Speaking of being featured, make sure you make it known whenever you or your business is mentioned somewhere on the Web. It’s not braggy, it’s engaging!
  • Share engaging content from another Facebook page you follow. These pages will most likely notice and might even share your posts in the future, giving you more views and followers! You can share their posts or share content from their site. If you share their Web content, make sure to tag them so they know you’re showing off their content!

Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing and your Facebook followers up and engaged. Stay tuned for next week’s post on how B2C businesses can get more followers on Instagram!


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