How to Attract More Social Media Followers for B2C Businesses: Part 4

social mediaAttract More Followers on LinkedIn

So far in this series I’ve talked about increasing followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but today I’m going to finish up the series by talking about how to attract more social media followers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn isn’t typically used for connecting to consumers, but it can definitely be used to showcase a company’s culture, which attracts consumers. It also attracts better candidates for any job opening you may have. Here are some great tips to getting the most out of LinkedIn:

  • Post valuable content that links to your site. This is an obvious strategy that many companies still aren’t taking advantage of. Post information relevant to your industry that will get people interested. They’ll be more likely to follow you if you’re known for posting great content. Even better, post some content exclusively to LinkedIn and send out a tweet that directs them to your profile.
  • Post job information. When you have an opening at your business, make sure to post it on your LinkedIn account. This will keep interested applicants coming back to your profile and following you.
  • Invite your current and potential customers to join you on LinkedIn. Send out an invitation to them via email and make sure to have a link to your profile page in your personal email signature, website, and any additional online and offline marketing materials.
  • Place a LinkedIn advertisement that leads to your profile.
  • Create a post on Twitter and Facebook inviting guests to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Sponsor your posts to reach more followers.

This concludes our series on how B2C businesses can attract more social media followers. Thanks for following along! For more information on social media marketing, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or join our mailing list. I look forward to speaking with you!

Happy social media marketing!



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