Why BuzzFeed is So Successful

Many of us have lost hours on BuzzFeed, a content- and video-based website that showcases trending news and stories, though much of their success lies in their entertainment center. While they’re not the only website to offer this, what makes BuzzFeed so captivating and successful is the social and extremely entertaining way it portrays information. Need proof? Check out this BuzzFeed article, Things People with Student Loans Know to be True.

So let’s break down just how BuzzFeed remains so successful and how we can apply it to our businesses.

  • BuzzFeed’s content is dangerously interesting and relevant. Like to the point that I believe they’re mind readers and know exactly how I’m feeling and how I see the world (See Things People with Student Loans Know to be True to learn more about me via BuzzFeed). Plus, BuzzFeed uses pictures and clips from popular TV shows, movies, and memes, which brings me to my next point:
  • BuzzFeed knows its target audience. Much of the content is centered on twenty-somethings, and they’re eating it up. Their articles focus on things relevant to twenty-somethings, such as 11 Statistics That Will Enrage All Twentysomethings Everywhere, 25 Things That Get Harder After Age 25, and, of course, Things People with Student Loans Know to be True. Their target audience is interested in these things, which makes them more likely to post or re-post the links on social media. Which brings me to my next point:
  • BuzzFeed makes it easy to share content. On each of their articles, you’ll see social media buttons that make it easy for visitors to share via social media or email. And they do! Trust me, I’ve seen these posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and I’m positive they’re on all the other social media platforms. And you know what I do? I click them because they sound interesting. BuzzFeed also regularly posts on social media, allowing them to stay relevant with consumers…and get even more clicks to their site.
  • BuzzFeed posts regularly, and posts multiple types of content. You’ll find both videos and articles on the site, and the articles even use clips that keep people interested. You’ll find full-length articles as well as the ever-popular lists, like 30 Signs You’re Almost 30. Using various formats keeps people interested and gives them choices as to what style article they can read or view. Additionally, posting regularly also keeps people interested in the site and keeps them coming back. It also adds to the site’s size, and when that’s paired with all the links they’re making through social sharing, it allows the site to show up higher in search engines for search terms.
  • BuzzFeed often uses lists to portray a particular point, which ties into my previous bullet about writing style. People love to read lists, and they’re often recommended for content and SEO marketing purposes. BuzzFeed’s lists are easy to read, and people want to finish them once they start. It’s a great way to get people hooked and keep them reeled in.

Major Takeaway: When trying to drive traffic to your site, create content that is interesting, focused on your target market, and easy to share, and make sure to post regularly. The content doesn’t always have to focus on keywords, but it does have to focus on your target audience and what they think is interesting. And always make it easy for them to share!


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