Creating a Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy Online

When it comes to marketing your business digitally during the Thanksgiving season, there are so many things you can do to leverage the holiday. From paid search to social media, using the Thanksgiving season in your marketing strategy can boost your popularity among consumers and increase sales, if you do it correctly. Here are some ideas for tackling some of the major digital marketing outlets:

  • To use paid search to your advantage, targeting key phrases with words like “Black Friday” or “Thanksgiving Sales” can help you catch traffic from all those holiday shoppers who are looking for a good bargain. By using paid search methods, you can be sure that your listing will show up within the first few listings for the keywords you choose. However, these keywords may get costly because of their popularity, but by using longer-tailed keywords, you can cut costs.
  • Come up with funny or interesting content for your content marketing plan. If you run a catering company, creating a content piece about the history of Thanksgiving dinner might help interest people and establish you as an expert on Thanksgiving food. Or, if you own a restaurant or event hall, create a piece of content about why it’s better to go out to dinner on Thanksgiving than hosting it yourself. At the very least these pieces will get people interested in your business, but it could also lead to a few bookings!
  • Now use social media to market your content. Post it as well as other Thanksgiving-related posts, or something to do with the autumn season. If you’re offering Thanksgiving services or having an after-Thanksgiving sale, make sure to fit that into your posting schedule. You can also promote certain posts, landing pages, or you website via Facebook Advertisement.
  • Email marketing can also be used to convey holiday specials or simply interesting content you may have, like 10 Thanksgiving deep fryer recipes (perfect for a deep fryer supplier). Make sure to link back to your site when you can.

One last quick tip for your Thanksgiving marketing strategy: create a sense of urgency. Whether that’s an urgency to use your coupon before it expires, come to your early bird sale, or book your catering services, make sure you give them a deadline or incentive to act right away. If they get the sense that they have time and can put it off, that’s exactly what they’ll do until it’s too late.

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