Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager


So maybe you’re considering becoming a digital marketing manager or are just curious as to what the job entails. Well, let’s peak inside the day in the life of a digital marketing manager at WSI. While Google Analytics and AdWords reports are definitely a part of the job, but that’s not an everyday task. Here’s what you can expect to see our marketing manager doing on a typical 9 to 5 workday:

9:00-9:30—Read and respond to emails from clients

9:30-11:30—Create SEO content for clients

11:30-12:00—Lunch break

12:00-12:30—Phone meeting with vendors

12:30-1:00—Edit marketing team’s SEO copy

1:00-2:00—Research latest digital marketing strategies

2:00-2:30—Research keywords for clients

2:30-3:00—Get clients on directories; create back links

3:00-4:00—Create social media posts for clients

4:00-5:00—Take care of new emails from clients and vendors


Hopefully you now have a deeper understanding as to what a manager of digital marketing does. As you can see, it includes much more than just coming up with a marketing strategy. It takes creativity and hard work to be an effective marketing manager, but with dedication and hard work, you sure can be!


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