Marketing Insurance Online – Why Insurance Agents Should Care

Marketing insurance online is one of the most beneficial tactics insurance agents can implement for their businesses.  According to an article by Emily Delbridge,

  • 20% of all consumers currently purchase their insurance online.
  • 58% of Gen Y console insurers’ websites to gather information on insurance.
  • 48% of Gen Y request quotes directly from insurance websites.

And, according to, a 2013 study showed that “85 percent of people said they would use the Internet in some way to purchase a life insurance policy.”

Wow. That’s a huge portion of the industry that’s either purchasing insurance or gathering information online. How great would it be if an insurance agent marketed her or his agency online? She or he could potentially generate sales online or get their name in front of the mass amount of people who search online for insurance.

Marketing insurance online will increase traffic to your website, increase leads, and increase sales.

That is, if it’s done correctly. That means working with keyword research tools (or your local digital marketing agency) to create a keyword list for profitable search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), aka paid advertising, strategies. It means optimizing your site for greater search engine visibility and creating clear call to actions and easy to use quote calculators and forms for visitors. (If you don’t have a website, invest in one today. Check out the website we created for a local Allstate Agent.) It also means pushing your content through social media channels and third party sites. These strategies all work together to gain a competitive edge in the insurance industry and  powerful results.

So why aren’t all insurance agents marketing themselves online? Here are some common misconceptions about marketing insurance online:

  • “The insurance industry is too large. I’d never be found online.”
  • False. Yes, the insurance industry is huge and there is competition online. But, there are ways to generate traffic that are easy and profitable.

    SEM guarantees top spots in search engines, giving agents immediate visibility. For a more lasting effects, utilizing an SEO strategy with geo-modifiers helps zone in on qualified traffic for greater visibility where it matters. For example, instead of creating content around the keyword “insurance agency,” which would probably never be able to gain visibility over corporate insurance websites, using a geo-modified keyword like “insurance agency in Plainfield, IL” will have more impact in the search engines and greater visibility.

  • “No one cares about insurance lingo, so why bother?”
  • Then don’t include insurance lingo in the content! Tailor all content around the target audience, and they will be more likely to read it, share it, and take action. Create content that answers their questions.

  • “Digital marketing is too expensive and time consuming.”
  • Yes, if you hire an in-house marketing coordinator, it will be expensive. But there is another option: outsourcing. Invest in a digital marketing agency to manage SEM strategies and create custom content for SEO and content marketing strategies. Outsourcing costs just a small fraction of what an in-house coordinator’s pay would cost. And it’s totally worth it. Plus, it takes the weight off the insurance agency, because digital marketing certainly can be time consuming, but a quality agency (like us!) will ensure that all strategies are executed on schedule.

(Have other concerns? Contact us today for expert advice.)

All in all, a digital marketing strategy is an increasingly important tool for marketing insurance online.

Don’t be left behind. Help your agency thrive by adopting a digital marketing strategy today. Work with your in-house team to create an effective strategy, or give us a call at (630) 354-8693 today! Or, fill out our contact request form and we’ll give you a call.



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