Only 8% of Executives Believe Their Marketing Team is Strong Across All Areas of Digital Marketing

digital marketingHow does your in-house marketing team measure up to digital marketing demands? According to an article by MarketingProfs, only 8% of surveyed executives believe their marketing team is strong across all areas of digital marketing. Additionally, 71% believe their team is strong across most areas of the field but mediocre or weak in many others.

When it comes to having a powerful presence on the Internet, it’s important that every area of your digital marketing strategy is strong. However, depending on your company’s size and resources, it may not be possible to have a team that is strong in every area of the field, especially if you’re a small company with staff members that take on more than one role. That’s where outsourcing comes in handy.

While you may be able to carry out your social media or email marketing tasks with ease, it can be more difficult for you to carry out other strategies, like SEO practices or paid search, as these are more complex solutions and require more time than your busy schedule can allot. With outsourcing, you can choose to hand over some of your duties to experts who can carry out the duties efficiently and effectively.

WSI can fulfill any and all of your digital marketing needs. With Internet consultants across more than 80 countries, you can ensure that we always have the latest and most effective knowledge of all things digital marketing.

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