Local Search

If your business relies on local customers, then you need local solutions. Even though WSI has locations in over 80 countries, we are dedicated to serving local businesses. By focusing on local search, you can present your business to a more targeted market.

What is Local Search?

Local search queries are enquiries that contain “geographical keywords,” like “Chicago,” “LaGrange Road,” or “Illinois.” A complete local search keyword phrase is created when a geographical keyword is combined with other relevant keyword phrases. “Dog groomer in Orland Park, IL” is an example, and it makes sense for a dog groomer in this area to want to show up near the top of a search engine for this phrase.

Benefits of Local Search

There are two main benefits of using local search services. The first is that it allows you to target in on a specific audience, so you’ll get more qualified traffic than a general search query. The other main benefit of local search services is that it allows businesses to appear higher on search engines for a local search query. For example, a local steakhouse in Frankfort, IL may not show up anywhere near the top for a search for “steakhouse,” but it might come up near the top for “steakhouse in Frankfort, IL.”

Are You Ready for Results?

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