Landing Page Optimization

When conversion rates are down, many marketers and business people’s response is to simply increase traffic. Well, this can work, but with landing page optimization and marketing, you can work with what you got and simply increase the conversion rate instead of just increasing traffic. By doing so, you can minimize your workload without increasing your budget.

Let’s look at it this way: if you get one person to convert out of every 100 visitors, your conversion rate would be 1% (1/100=1%). So if you simply work to increase traffic, say by another 100 visitors (for a total of 200 visitors), your conversion rate will stay the same (2/200=1%). So your conversion rate isn’t really increasing, but you budget probably is. However, if you work with the 100 visitors you have and increase your conversions, your conversion rate will definitely go up. Even if it’s even by one conversion! (2/100=2%).

Focus on What Matters

Instead of focusing your efforts on increasing traffic, first concentrate on increasing those conversions. WSI’s landing page optimization services and marketing can help convert traffic, and once the landing page is optimized and the time is right, we can also provide services to increase traffic as well. So don’t increase your budget trying to gain more traffic. Instead, keep your efforts focused on increasing your conversions with WSI’s landing page optimization and digital marketing services.

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