Responsive Design

Responsive Design

How many times have you opened a website or email on your phone or tablet and had to scroll left and right to see the entire page? Or how many times have you opened a mobile website on these devices and noticed it had a different layout and functionalities than the same website on a desktop? When either of these things happens, consumers notice and become frustrated.

Many businesses do not realize that the inconsistency of a site across mediums loses business by failing to provide consumers with an easy to use site and a consistent customer experience they can recognize and trust. Design is vital to consumers’ experience on your site, but with people using various electronics to access the Internet, it can be hard for consumers that are using a mobile device to experience the same functionality that they would if they accessed the site using a desktop computer.

Luckily, responsive design solutions allow businesses to create consistent Web presences across all electronic channels. With responsive design, your website and its content will look proportionate to the screen used to view it, resulting in happier visitors and more mobile traffic.

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