School Websites

school websitesWe’re proud to announce that we have been selected as a provider of school websites for the Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) organization. Our partnership with TIPS/TAPS will allow us to provide quality school websites to schools throughout the United States. It is an amazing opportunity that we are grateful for, and we are excited to start working with schools to create quality websites that showcase their organizations.

What We Can Do for Schools

We can provide any of the services we provide for businesses to schools. However, we will mostly focus on creating websites that are easy to use and reference. These websites will showcase the excellence these schools are achieving in the realm of education and extracurricular activities and will help students, parents, and staff members communicate more effectively together. The school websites will also create a deeper relationship between the schools and their communities.

How Schools Will Benefit

Schools will benefit from the school websites we create by having a greater online presence that will allow parents and students to communicate with teachers and staff outside of the classroom. It can also help schools gain more assistance from community members and promote their school events and activities to a broader base.

How Can I Get a School Website?

If you are a part of the TIPS/TAPS program, please visit the organization’s website to request a website so we can give proper credit to the organization and record our partnership. If you are not part of the TIPS/TAPS program or are a part of the TIPS/TAPS program and just want to talk, you may contact us directly at (866) 842-8063 or email our marketing coordinator at [email protected].



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