Simple SEO Tips to Get Your Website on the Map

Simple SEO tipsWhen it comes to getting your website to show up in valuable positions in search engines, it’s so important to have a search engine optimization (SEO) plan in motion. Even if you’re not an Internet marketing expert, you can still optimize your site with ease. Take a look at our simple SEO tips to help do just that:

  • Create a relevant keyword list using Google’s Keyword Planner. It is much more effective for you to use long-tail keywords in your strategy because they have lower competition, so you will have an easier time showing up higher in search engines. Also make sure to have a geographical modifier included in your keyword.

For example, if you’re searching for keywords centered on golf courses, you shouldn’t choose ‘golf courses,’ but something like ‘best golf courses near Chicago’ or ‘golf lessons in Naperville, IL.’ If you don’t choose a longer-tailed keyword and add this geo-modifier but choose to write just on ‘golf courses’,  you will most likely never be able to compete with all the golf courses throughout the world trying to get ranked for that keyword, and even if you do, you won’t be reaching your target market.

  • Create content around these keywords and add it to your website regularly. Shoot to write at least 300 words per page around each keyword, and add about 2 pages each week if you can. This will show the search engines that you’re active in your SEO strategy.
  • Create engaging and easy-to-read content. Search engines take ease of readability into account when ranking SEO pages. Shoot for a 7th grade reading level. This may seem low, but it is the average reading level.  Add lists when possible.
  • Break up your content with headings, and make sure to include your keyword in at least one of these headings. This adds value to your SEO pages and makes them easier to read.
  • Add Meta description information to all pages. Make sure you fill out the Meta description, SEO title, and keywords to your pages. The keyword should always be in your SEO title and Meta description. Don’t just add this information to your SEO pages; make sure all website pages and any blog posts also include Meta tags and descriptions.
  • Add pictures to your pages to add SEO value. Make sure to add an image Alt tag so that if a visitor has trouble viewing your picture, there will be a description telling her or him what the image is. You can use the keyword as your Alt tag.
  • Push out your content on social media. Don’t necessarily do this for every page, but feel free to do it as you see fit to attract traffic.
  • Link to Web pages within your SEO pages. Link to other pages on your site to build inbound links necessary to boosting SEO value. Bonus simple SEO tip: Add outbound links (links to sites other than your own) and maybe they’ll link back to you. If they do, that adds even more value.
  • Measure your results with analytics tools and adjust your strategy accordingly! 


Get Going with these Simple SEO Tips

Take these simple SEO tips to heart and get going on an SEO strategy right away. Your competition may have an SEO strategy intact, and you need to catch up. Or they may not, and these simple SEO tips will give you a competitive edge that drives more traffic to your website and business.  You’ve heard our simple SEO tips, so now get going!

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