We’ve partnered with Yahoo and Bing

We’re already partnered with Google, and now we’ve expanded and partnered with the Yahoo Bing Network for greater marketing power. This partnership will allow us to have access to exclusive support and customized training opportunities as well as Yahoo Bing’s expanding markets.

The Yahoo Bing Network has a 29% total search Market share, and its advertising marketplace includes partners like Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC, and Viacom. This means we can provide our clients with better, more extensive services and support.

So how will the Yahoo Bing Network benefit from partnering with WSI? The network will be able to increase its reach by leveraging our outstanding global sales force and digital marketing experts.

“WSI is a leader in providing digital marketing solutions to businesses of varied sizes from diverse industries worldwide. This alliance will combine our brand power, knowledge base and marketing strengths with WSI’s extensive network and expertise to create great value for all our stakeholders,” Director of Bing Ads Kelly Thomas Nojaim said.

This partnership is just one more step in maintaining our position as a leading digital marketing corporation, and we’re happy to share its advantages with our clients.


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