Working at WSI

What’s it like to work at WSI? While we could go into detail about all the ins and outs of the marketing world, we’re going to take a moment to focus on our company culture a little more. Here’s a snapshot of our daily lives working at WSI.

working at WSI

Our creative director, Kala Bingham, is quite fond of Post-It Notes.

We use a lot of Post-it Notes. They’re perfect for reminding us of tasks we need to complete, people we need to call back, and simply for decorative purposes. Is there really anything better than the feel of pulling a Post-It Note off a stack and sticking it to something? The answer is no.

We drink a lot of coffee. As part of our Employee Appreciation Program, we reload a monthly allowance onto our staff’s Starbucks cards (although John has chosen Dunkin Donuts). It keeps our staff happy and shows them they’re appreciated. We also have tea and hot chocolate ready at the office.

We like to lunch. We’re well-known at the local Panera. We keep putting our business cards in its fish bowl in hopes of getting that free lunch, and one day we might just get it.

Working at WSI

Our internet consultant, Kevin Hanneman, (center), marketing coordinator, Cassie Smith, (right), and marketing manager, Jessica Conte, (left), enjoyed a night of golfing and dinner at the Live Like Mike Golf Outing.

We support local organizations and charities. We’ve worked with organizations like Live Like Mike and Habitat for Humanity, and we’re excited to be part of community organizations in the future. We also love golfing, so attending the Live Like Mike Golf Outing is one of our favorite charitable events of the year. 

We like to stay inspired. We recently put a quote up on our wall from the book Poke the Box (all employees read this book when they come on board at WSI). The quote reads, “The job isn’t to catch up to the status quo; the job is to invent the status quo.” We work hard to stay true to that. 

Working at WSI

Kala and Jessica enjoy their time in Canada as part of the 2013 E&I Conference.

We travel. Last year some of our staff went to Toronto, Canada to attend the WSI global convention, E&I. They learned a lot and got to see some great attractions, like Niagra Falls. In April we’re headed up to Wisconsin Dells for the WSI Area Workshop, and this summer we’re headed to Florida for the 2014 E&I Conference. We work hard and learn a lot at these workshops and conventions, and we apply that knowledge in all that we offer our clients.

We work hard. That’s why we need all that coffee to keep us focused, Post-it Notes to keep us organized, quotes to keep us inspired, and travelling to keep us up-to-date on the best and latest marketing trends! I guess you could say our company culture is laid back and fun, but we never compromise quality, and we always provide our clients with the best websites and the most effective digital marketing.

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